Happy Puppy Room & Board


Board Yor Dog In A Kennel Free Environment.



Happy Puppy provides a safe Dog Boarding service in a kennel free environment. Happy Puppy is not a kennel. As such, we can only billet a small number of dogs. Owners should call ahead to make sure that we have a space available for your specified dates.

Our quality homecare doggie 'Bed & Breakfast' includes an indoor Common Room, Outdoor Fenced garden, and up to One Hour of leashed walks. Walks are usually conducted at Elk Lake Conservation Area or Island View Beach Park. In some instances, with Owner Permission, 'Special Trips' may be planned, some involving overnight stays. Previous vacation trips have included Cameron Lake, Englishman River Provincial Park, Alert Bay, Harrison Hotsprings and even Lake Louise! Owner's financial obligation varies based on the request, the proprietor schedule and a customer waiver. Call for more information or download our Registration Info.

In addition, clients are encouraged to bring items that will help them overcome their seperation anxiety resulting from their absent family members. Experience has shown us that blankets, a favorite dog dish or toy and a portion of their own food alleviates a lot of stress for the animal during its stay with us. Please note, Happy Puppy is fully equipped to provide the necessary provisions to make your dog comfortable should you not have the time or means to provide these items.