Quality Home and Pet Care


It is not always possible for everyone to insure that their pets receive the quality of care that they deserve.



Vacations and business travel sometimes require that people leave their pets behind, perhaps with friends or family, in a kennel, or even on their own.

For some animals, a stay with friends can be a welcome break.  However, some animals find this change disturbing and have a low tolerance to changes in their routine.  Older dogs can be particularly susceptible to the upsets that a change in environment can bring.

For others, it may be a change in their own lives that makes caring for their pets difficult.  Ageing and long or short term disabilities can make it hard to care for a pet, but giving up the pet is not an option as they are usually valued and loved members of the family.

In addition, some people live a lifestyle that is just too busy to allow the time for the maintenance of their animals. Happy Puppy offers a variety of homebased services including Home Based Boarding, Daycare, Dog Grooming and Transportation Services